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by golocal on December 3, 2012

This year Go Local Pros conducted a contest along with raising money for a great local charity in our community. We were proud to have our Members and our Fans on Facebook be a part of this. I was curious though to find out more about this wonderful organization in the Tri-state. The Santa Clothes Club was organized in 1946 to provide new clothing for needy youngsters in the Tri-State who would not otherwise be warmly clothed. Its founders were;
  •  Dick Anderson, the Sports Editor for the Evansville Press, and Don Menke, then Manager of WEOA Radio (now WIKY).
  •  Charter members Sam Medlicott, Executive Director of the YMCA; Eddie Edwards, Youth Director of the YMCA; and Meyer Siegel, owner of Siegel’s Men’s Store.
  •  Screening the children referred by schools or civic groups, purchased the clothing, and distributed it to the children at a YMCA party a few days prior to Christmas each year.
In November of 1981, the Santa Clothes Club was incorporated as a non-profit organization and, in January of 1982, officers and a board of directors were elected. This group is the core of the volunteers who oversee the annual fund drive, including the solicitation of funds, obtaining the names and addresses of the needy children, purchase and distribution of clothing, producing the telethon and any other programs in the community. Planning and coordinating of this project is a yearlong effort.
So many children have benefited from this organization. Many have been touched and would have not otherwise had something warm during the cold months without Santa Clothes Club. I have read many stories when I researched their history. It touches my heart deeply. Because I was a child who went one winter without a coat, I never knew this existed back then. This time of year is special for all of us. Steeped in traditions and family events, we should never forget what it means to a child especially during this time of the year. And never take forgranted what we have and even if it is only a little, take time to share and make someone else’s Christmas special. For that is what the season is really about~
This years event raised over $230,000. it was Sunday Dec. 2nd. Even though the telethon is past, they will begin to work on next years event right away, as well as other fund raising events for the Santa Clothes Club. Go Local Pros raised $200. for the telethon, and hope to make this an ongoing part of our ‘Giving Back’ to this wonderful community we are so proud of.
To find out more information go to their website at
Merry Christmas & many blessings from all of us here at Go Local Pros!
Carey M. Meredith

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